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Jen has 20+ years of experience in yoga and has been teaching for 10 years. Jen is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


Jen teaches a variety of yoga styles: Flow Yoga, Alignment-Oriented Yoga, Fitness Yoga, Spiritually-Oriented Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Athletes.


As a runner, Jen has raced all distances from the mile to 100 miles! She is closing in on 200 half marathons, has completed over 55 marathons and ultras, and has qualified for the Boston Marathon. Jen is a certified RRCA running coach.


Robert's biggest fan!




Robert has 30+ years of experience in a fun mash-up of internet-focused IT and corporate training. Among other crazy projects, he helped launch Expedia in 1996 and (briefly) ran Microsoft's internal training group. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M University (whoop!), and a Master of Education from Seattle University.

As a runner, Robert has completed over 300 marathons in all 50 states (twice), and over 100 ultras, including several 100 mile races. Starting in 2018, Robert is the RRCA State Representative for Indiana.

Randomly, Robert is a Notary Public in the State of Indiana, enjoys public speaking, and likes to make people laugh. He also walks dogs.

Jen's biggest fan!

About Pretzel Runner

Pretzel Runner started in 2015 as Jen's brand idea to capture two of her passions: yoga and running. And not just as hobbies - but, really, a combined, blended lifestyle. 

The idea has grown since then to also involve some of the behind-the-scenes mechanics. And thus Pretzel Runner expanded to encompass event-focused web services. This combines three of Robert's passions: running, technology, and communication.

Somewhere along the line, knitting became a fun pastime too. 

And dogs. We've always loved dogs.  We both dabble at cooking, but trust us, there will never be a Pretzel Runner chef service. Nope.

Thanks for checking out our site! Let us know how we can help you!

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