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Just getting started? Need a push? Have you plateaued as a runner but still want to improve?


Coaching Services

Every runner is an individual with different goals, different abilities, and definitely different life situations. Whether you are new and wondering how to get started, or a more seasoned runner wanting to get to the next level, put our combined 30 years of experience to work for you! 

We offer:

  • One-time consultations

  • Individualized, custom training plans for your big goal race, from 5K through 100 Miles

  • Ongoing one-on-one attention

  • Running-specific personal training

  • Problem solving

  • Special focus on multiple marathons and half marathons during one typical training cycle

  • Yoga for runners

Or maybe you just kind of don't know what you want. Contact us. We can chat by phone, facebook, or email... we'll figure it out together. 

Although we are local to Indianapolis, we use online tools (such as Running Ahead and Strava), and can help you no matter where you live.


Our fees are economical, and can be arranged per session or per training cycle depending on the services desired. Discounts offered for members of the military and their spouses.

Contact us!


Pacing Services

For road races (5K through marathon)

Understanding proper pacing for your race is an important aspect of the coaching services above. However, if what you really want is a live, real-time pacing companion during your race... and provided it falls into the window of paces we can actually run ourselves... we are happy to run with you. Jen regularly paces groups at half marathons in the midwest and is known for metronome precision. Run with Jen!


If you don't happen to be at one of those races or wish one-on-one attention, we can come run with you!

For trail runs and ultras

The "pacing" needs during ultras, especially 100 milers (and beyond!), is a whole different kind of pacing from what you've encountered on the road. This is less about even-split running and more about problem solving, mental focus, a little math, and sometimes tough love. Do you need company to get that buckle?


Contact us. We can help you! 


Other Fun Stuff

Sometimes people just want to bounce ideas off others. We get lots of "help me find a race that..." questions. For example, "Help me find a good Western States qualifier in the midwest that isn't too technical." Or "I need a summer marathon to qualify for Boston, help me find a race." 

Or gear questions. "What are your favorite shoes?" 

"How long would it take to get ready to run a 50 miler?"

Drop us a line or visit us on facebook. We're happy to chat about all running topics. And sometimes you'll see that Jen and Robert don't always agree. Ha. All for free, no strings attached. We'd like to hear from you.

For more running resources, visit our resource section called It's Just Running, and, (coming soon... it's just a shell for now... for state-specific information, The Indiana Running Project). We ​constantly fiddle around with this area adding new content and deleting stuff that is no longer relevant.

Also, we both write on again/off again articles (in the old days, we called them blogs) about running, yoga, and life. 

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