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Race Website Management

Are you having trouble keeping your event site up to date? Bored with doing it?

Does your race need a new site?

Are you a new RD and have no idea where to start?

I can help. Plus, I'm a runner. I have a good idea what you need because I use it all the time!

Whether you just need advice, want help managing what you already have, or need something brand new, my experience can get you where you need to be. 

Although every website is unique and may have its own special quirks, my background as the IT equivalent of a "mechanic" makes me suited for diving in and figuring it out.

Wait. Who am I? I'm Robert. Learn a little more about me here.

Existing Site Administration and Maintenance

I am well-versed in various flavors of Wordpress and its fondness for plug-ins, Wix, plug-and-play environments at several hosts (GoDaddy, HostGator, 1&1), industry standards such as cpanel and Joomla, as well as the languages these systems utilize "under the hood." For image and graphic manipulation, I utilize industry-standard Adobe products, as well as a few others in a pinch.

Website Design

I can also design new sites quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. And MOBILE-FRIENDLY. If you already have event photos to work with (and sometimes even if you do not), I can usually have you up and running in under two weeks for between $500 and $2000 - a little more if you need help with creating logos and maps, a little less if you do not. Or if I'm redoing an existing site. Complex projects are more expensive - but honestly? Race sites do not have to be complex (and spendy). 

In fact, if your site is super complex, that's probably a bad idea. Runners are planners for sure, but we want to get in, find what we need quickly, and get out. Let's make that easy on your paying customers! As a runner myself, I know this well. And, I'll say it again: let's make them mobile-friendly.

Are you wondering how people are using your site? I can add tracking so we can better understand how much traffic your site is getting and which pages see the most usage ("page hits"), the number of people actually visiting ("unique users"), what types of browsers they are using ("how often do people use my site from their phones?"), where they are coming from ("referrer information") and more.  Simple, effective, and inexpensive. And all my sites are encrypted ("https") by default - no additional fee. 

Interested? Questions? Just need some free advice? Contact me.

Pricing Overview

Each website and project is different, so I would develop a specific price quote for your needs once I have a better idea of what's what. That said, as a ballpark estimate:

Existing Site Administration and Maintenance (ESAM)

  • Package one: $100-$500 for an annual "once over" clean up post-race to ready your site for next year. Text, links, logos, and photos. No more oops mentions on your site of a 2014 race date in 2018!

  • Package two: $600-$1200 annual retainer fee to be on-call for periodic changes and updates throughout the year. Basically, for $50-$100/mo, I can be a text message or email away for any adjustments you want to make on the fly. Anytime. And, as a runner (who has perhaps already participated in your event), I can help you work through what you need in ways that non-runner IT folks perhaps cannot. It's a specialized skill that can be very helpful

Website Design and Delivery

As noted above, probably between $500-$2000 depending on the scope of the project and the size of the race. The price I quote would include:

  • initial design choices

  • site development

  • customized/optimized for smartphones

  • search engine optimization (SEO) to help get you found

  • annual 3rd party hosting costs

  • usage tracking, if desired

  • domain name management, if desired

  • warranty work and simple change management

  • one year of ESAM (see above) included

Discounts considered for non-profits and events that provide discounts to members of the military.

Discounts also considered for organizations with multiple racesFor example, if you host two race web sites for larger race weekends (say, a site covering a weekend with a marathon and half marathon, and a second site for a trail running weekend) and a third standalone 5K race, you'd pay me to manage the two more complex race sites, and I'd handle the 5K gratis.


Interested? Have questions? Contact me!

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